Inspired by several famous older models like the 330 GTC, 250 Berlinetta Lusso, the all new Ferrari four-seater is now called the GTC4Lusso. “Lusso” means luxury in Italian, and the term is used on this new Ferrari in a very literal context. It is an all-wheel- drive system with the Ferrari patented 4RM setup first introduced with the FF. The big change over the FF is the integration of active four-wheel steering, a first on a Ferrari gran turismo. At any rate, it’s way better than the FF in every feature and can be considered a luxurious gran turismo coupe.


A Closer Look Into the GTC4Lusso

With an elegant and modern interior, the Lusso is more comfortable with softer and larger armrests. It also has easy-access storage compartment and a luxurious LCD touchscreen. For convenience sake, every secondary control is mounted on the steering wheel: The ignition, the headlights, the turn signals, the windshield wipers, the Manettino performance mode dial and the phone controls. The Manettino allows drivers to switch between snow, wet, comfort, and Sport modes and allows the stability control system to be switched off. The entire driver cockpit has been redesigned with a much more compact steering wheel and a smaller airbag. The passenger cockpit was specifically designed to ensure all commands were within easy reach for extra comfort. The passenger display system available on the FF is also optional on the GTC4Lusso, and it has been upgraded to allow music or destinations to be entered on the 8.8-inch touchscreen. The upgrades have contributed to a cabin that is 25 percent quieter.

Dimensionally, it is virtually identical to the FF but with more aggressive rear fenders, sculpted sides and a larger grill. This beauty has LED headlights and smooth yet sharp lines leading to the cabin. The body is more elongated than the FF leaving more interior space and comfort.

The GTC4LussoT has a 7-speed dual clutch transmission, though instead of an all-wheel-drive system, it comes with rear wheel drive.The GTC4LussoT has a different air intake system, a new intercooler, different pistons and revised connecting rods compared to the V12 version. The car offers Side Slip Angle Control and four-wheel steering to steer the rear wheels in the same direction as the fronts which makes for sharper cornering maneuvers. The T’s horsepower rating is lower than the 488 GTB’s 660 hp but the torque figures are identical. To ensure power arrives in a linear fashion as the revs rise, the torque curves are varied between certain gears by adjusting the boost pressure, resulting in what Ferrari says is smooth, progressive acceleration. The exhaust has made some interesting modifications such as muted sound and non-linear power delivery. The 3.9-liter unit pumps out 600 hp, down from the standard model’s ponies. As the car goes up through the gears, the amount of torque delivered by the engine increases all the way up to 760 Nm in the 7th gear.

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Discover the new Ferrari GTC4Lusso


Technical Specifications

Maximum Power 507 KW at 8000rpm
Acceleration 3.5 sec 0-100km/h
Weight/power 2.6kg/CV
  • Engine

    Type V12 – 65°
    Overall displacement 6262 cc
    Bore and stroke 94 mm x 75,2 mm
    Max. power output* 507 kW (690 CV) at 8,000 rpm
    Max. torque* 697 Nm a 5.750 rpm
    Max. engine speed 8.250 rpm
    Compression ratio 13,5:1
  • Dimensions and Weight

    Length 4.922 mm
    Width 1.980 mm
    Height 1.383 mm
    Wheelbase 2.990 mm
    Front track 1.674 mm
    Rear track 1.668 mm
    Kerb weight** 1.920 kg
    Dry weight** 1.790 kg
    Weight distribution 47% front – 53% rear
    Boot capacity 800/450 l
    Fuel tank capacity 91 l
  • Wheels and Tires

    Front 245/35 ZR20; 8.5” J x 20”
    Rear 295/35 ZR20”; 10.5” J x 20”
  • Brakes

    Front 398 mm x 38 mm
    Rear 360 mm x 32 mm
  • Transmission and Gearbox

    4RM EVO/4WS/ 7-speed F1DCT/ E-Diff
  • Electronic Controls

    SSC4/CST with F1 TRAC, ESP
    9.0 Premium with ABS EVO/SCM-E
  • Performance

    Max. speed 335 km/h
    0 – 100 km/h 3,4 sec
    0 – 200 km/h 10,5 sec
    100 – 0 km/h 34 m
    200 – 0 km/h 138 m
    Dry weight/power 2,6 kg/cv
  • Fuel Consumption

    Fuel consumption*** 15 ,3 l/100 km
    Emissions*** 350g CO 2 /km